ETS and its leadership team have been doing business in India for over 30 years and have developed strong partnerships with top harvesters and manufacturers of Cenospheres (hollow ceramic microspheres). Additionally, ETS sources raw materials at very competitive prices from other key supply countries that we have had long standing business ties with such as China and South Africa.

ETS provides multiple grades of Cenospheres for various industries and applications, such as:

Well Cementing Grade Cenospheres (.pdf)

Applications: Engineered for High Crush Resistance and used extensively by the Oil & Gas Industry in well cements requiring Ultra-Low Density slurries and improved compressive strength development.

  • ETS Premium UltraLiteTM High Crush Resistance
  • ETS Standard LiteTM High Crush Resistance

Industrial Grade Cenospheres (.pdf)

Applications: Engineered for high quality and consistency and used extensively in a variety of Industries such as Construction, Plastics, Ceramics, Oilfield Service, Medical, Paints & Coatings, Automotive, Cementing (pozzolanic).

  • ETS Standard LiteTM

Additional particle distributions available upon request

Major advantages of ETS Engineered Cenospheres include:

  • Increased pressure and crush resistance
  • Superior purity
  • Sinkers reduced to less than 1%
  • Controlled particle size distribution

ETS offers the Oilfield Service industry Cenospheres that are engineered with a difference to deliver improved compressive strength development and higher performance in ultra-low density well cementing designs than other commodity Cenosphere products.

Independent lab test results from industry leading laboratories have demonstrated that ETS Engineered Cenospheres outperform other industry standard cenospheres as an oilfield cementing additive in maintaining a lower specific gravity over a range of very high pressures.

ETS Engineered Cenospheres requiring High Crush Resistance properties are secured from select raw material supply sources to maximize yields and consistently meet strict hydraulic crush resistance test requirements in ETS Labs.

ETS in-house Laboratories are fully equipped with state-of-the-art process control metrology to ensure products conform to strict quality control requirements.

The manufacturing of ETS Engineered Cenosphere products entails more than the usual screening and drying. The high-capacity classifier washes the products much more thoroughly and effectively than traditional processes. This step greatly reduces concentration of sinkers from the ETS Engineered Cenospheres compared to other competitive products.

Proprietary treatment during the washing step for ETS Premium UltraLiteTM Cenospheres virtually eliminates sinkers from this product. This also reduces concentrations of salts, metals and carbon.