ETS and its leadership team has been doing business in India for over 30 years and has developed strong partnerships with top manufacturers of premium quality, highly reactive pozzolanic Metakaolin admixtures and concrete/cement functional fillers.

ETS Metakaolin products provide superior pozzolanic performance that contributes to the improved strength, durability, chemical resistance, ASR mitigation, water absorption, efflorescence control, and aesthetics of quality concrete and cement based materials. ETS Metakaolin will also enhance the concrete rheology, providing a smoother, creamier mix that improves the handling and finishing characteristics of the concrete.

ETS provides multiple grades of highly reactive Metakaolin products, such as:

Well Cementing (OWC) Grade Metakaolin (.pdf)

Applications: Engineered for superior pozzolanic performance and used by the Oil & Gas Industry in well cementing slurry blends with Class A cement.

  • ETS Premium HST OWCTM Metakaolin

High Strength Concrete (HST) Grade Metakaolin (.pdf)

Applications: Engineered for high strength and high performance concrete applications and used extensively in high rise buildings and other high strength concrete infrastructure projects.

  • ETS Standard HSTTM Metakaolin

Independent lab results from industry leading laboratories have demonstrated that ETS Premium HSTTM Metakaolin used in lightweight cement slurries outperform other lightweight cement systems that are available to the drilling and completions industry. Similarly, independent lab results have also demonstrated that ETS Regular HSTT has superior performance as compared to Silica Fume.

ETS Metakaolin products are supplementary cementitious materials (SCM) that conforms to ASTM C618, Class N pozzolan specifications. It is produced under carefully controlled conditions to refine its color, remove inert impurities, and tailor particle size so a much higher degree of purity and pozzolanic reactivity can be obtained.

ETS Metakaolin is based on 100% indigenous material and manufactured by our key manufacturing partner with in-house technology; hence, scalable to routinely serve industry customers with project commitments over long cycle times.