Our Services

ETS sources raw materials and exports finished products from our factories and processing facilities in India, China and South Africa.

We manage global logistics from the raw material source, through finished goods manufacturing, and on to our client's door.

We deliver to markets in the Americas, Asia and the Middle East.

We manufacture in India, China and Africa because these are countries where quality raw materials and products can be found at attractive prices, if one knows where to look . We know where to look.

As your manufacturing partner ETS handles the following tasks:

  • Identify and contact raw material suppliers
  • pre-qualify the most experienced and reputable suppliers
  • negotiate contract terms, issue POs and follow production timing
  • perform pre-shipment inspections and tests to insure quality meets specifications
  • arrange logistics within the source country
  • schedule ocean freight
  • clear import customs and other entry regulations such as homeland security
  • arrange trucking from port of entry to client's door
  • if requested warehouse/store for later delivery

In short - we find it, secure it, test it, process it, move it and deliver it - on your schedule at one all-inclusive, competitive, delivered price.